Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Veterinary Antibiotics Expansion Project Environmental Impact Assessment Public Participation Second Announcement

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According to the "Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment" (Huanfa [2006] No. 28), environmental impact assessment is a basic system of environmental protection management in my country, and public participation is environmental impact An important part of evaluation. The purpose of public participation is to fully express their opinions and suggestions and implement specific environmental impact assessments on the premise that the public understands the type, scale, construction site, project content, pollutant discharge situation and proposed governance measures of the project. During the work, ensure that the proposed project is feasible in terms of environmental protection. The relevant information of the project’s environmental impact assessment is now publicized as follows:

1. Overview of the construction project

Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 426.16 acres. The main products include flavomycin, tiamulin, hainanmycin and other animal-specific antibiotic series. Currently, the factory is producing It is a project with an annual output of 400 tons of fumaric acid tiamulin.

According to the development needs of the enterprise, Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. plans to use the existing vacant site in the factory to build a new veterinary antibiotic expansion project. The construction project mainly includes 103 fermentation workshop and 6000kva power distribution room. The total fixed asset investment of this project is 69,938,400 yuan. After the completion of the project, it will produce 3000 tons of 4% enramycin, 3000 tons of 1% nasitide premix, and 200 tons of 10% averamycin annually, forming a new production scale of 6,200 tons of animal-specific antibiotics.

This project adopts the mature four-stage fermentation process of Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., namely, three-stage seed cultivation and fermentation cultivation. The first-level seed tank is connected to the inclined plane spores by the differential pressure method, the qualified first-level seeds are moved into the second-level seed tank for expansion, the mature second-level seeds are moved into the third-level seed tank to continue the expansion, and the mature third-level seeds are moved into the fermentation The tank performs expansion culture and secondary metabolism to obtain the required fermentation broth. The fermentation broth is pumped to the extraction workshop to obtain the finished product through filtration, drying, mixing and other processes.

The labor quota of this project is 36 people. According to the production scale and technological requirements, the main production positions are 4 shifts, 2 operations, 350d/a, 2 shifts/d, 12h/shift; other positions 1 shift/d, 8h/shift.

2. Brief description of main environmental issues

Construction Period:

Construction dust and noise will have a certain impact on the surrounding residents and business environment, and may cause certain soil erosion.

Operation period:

(1) The products selected for this project adopt the mature four-stage fermentation process of Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. The fermentation broth is filtered, dried, mixed and other extraction processes to obtain the product. The production process of this project adopts the existing R&D technology of Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., which is the result of the company's optimization and integration of the original process technology grafting the advanced production technology of domestic and foreign counterparts. It has nearly 10 years of R&D and production experience, and the technology is mature and reliable. Ensure product quality stability. Its characteristics are: fermentation process waste gas and production waste water, solid waste, noise, etc. are produced during the production process.

3. Main points of countermeasures and measures to prevent and reduce adverse environmental impacts

The treatment measures for the "three wastes" during the construction period of the project are as follows: The dust is generally sprayed and covered to reduce the generation and flying of dust. Take time-limited construction for construction noise, set up sound barriers and other measures to reduce noise. The resulting soil erosion shall be solved by centralized borrowing, centralized spoiling, and setting up retaining walls and coverings.

Different treatment measures will be taken for the three wastes generated during the operation period:

1. Waste gas produced by the proposed project: 1) Fermentation waste gas: Waste gas generated in the fermentation and metabolism process is washed by a scrubber, separated by cyclones to separate the droplets, and then treated by exhaust gas odor control facilities, and the gas is discharged at high altitude; among them, disinfection of the tail gas is required After the heat is recovered by the heat recovery device, it enters the peculiar smell processing system for processing. 2) Batching waste gas: The batching waste gas is discharged outside after being dust-removed by the single-machine bag dust removal unit, and the filtration efficiency of the dust removal unit is greater than 99.5%. After treatment, the exhaust gas is discharged more than 5m higher than the surrounding buildings within a radius of 200m. 3) The dry exhaust gas is dedusted by the single bag dust removal unit and then washed and dusted by the water mist dust removal device (using the original). 4) The pulverized waste gas is dedusted by the single-machine bag dust removal unit, and then the waste gas is washed and dusted by the water mist dust removal device (using the original). After adopting the above treatment measures, the project's exhaust gas emissions meet the standards of "Shandong Provincial Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" (DB37/2376-2013).

2. The waste water generated by the proposed project is treated by the existing sewage treatment station in the plant area and then discharged into the high-tech zone for sewage treatment through the municipal sewage pipe network;

3. The waste packaging materials, filter elements, sundries, etc. generated by the proposed project shall be collected and sent to a qualified unit for disposal, and office and domestic waste shall be transported out of the city for disposal. The products involved in this project are all fully fermented antibiotic products, and sterile residues are produced.

4. The mechanical equipment of this project adopts low-noise models. The equipment with higher noise is equipped with separate sound insulation and isolation. When installing, adopt sound insulation and noise reduction measures such as vibration damping foundation and hose connection. In addition, during the operation of the project, the daily maintenance and update of mechanical equipment shall be strengthened to ensure that the mechanical equipment is under normal operating conditions to prevent noise emissions caused by abnormal operation of the equipment. After taking the above noise reduction measures, and then attenuating the distance, the noise at the factory boundary meets the Class 3 standard of the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008).

4, the specific form of soliciting public opinions

"Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Veterinary Antibiotics Expansion Project Environmental Impact Report" has been entrusted to Jining Environmental Protection Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. to compile. If comments or suggestions are made on this project, 10 work can be done from the date of project announcement Report to Shandong Shengli Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. or Jining Environmental Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. by telephone, writing, email, etc. within the day, and leave your main contact information so that we can get in touch with you in time.

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